Novel Infrastructure Quantification for Utility of Virtualized Network Debugging using OpenFlow as Visualization of Packets and Software Defined Networking

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Network debugging is time and resource consuming due to limited access and monitoring mechanisms. Such mechanisms may involve polling and/or active notification methods, where a failed network device may obscure the flow of poll responses in the network. We developed a network debugging mechanism facilitating the virtualization of a monitoring system through implementation of an extension to Wireshark, while leveraging the software-defined network principles of control and data plane separation. We provide translation mechanism though wireshark entries for filtering and zooming into flows of interest on specific ports with a global view of the network using OpenFlow protocol as the filtering switch for span traffic. Furthermore, we also created a utility of deployment function for a network debugging scheme to evaluate the usability of locations and numbers of flow-separation based analysis nodes. We applied our evaluation method on a typical enterprise network such as University of Houston. Our utility function can provide a usability and effectiveness metric for such debugging features around the network to better realize visualization of most relevant traffic.

Software Defined Networks (SDN), OpenFlow, Network Troubleshooting, Programmable Networks, Utility