Verbal creativity, 40Hz. and theta

dc.contributor.advisorBraud, William G.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberSheer, Daniel E.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberMcCorquodale, Marjorie K.
dc.creatorSanders, Brad
dc.description.abstractVerbal creativity was hypothesized to be correlated with right hemisphere primary processing in theta and left (speech) hemisphere secondary processing in the 40Hz. EEG rhythm. Twenty-two students were administered the Torrance "Thinking Creatively with Words" instrument while their brainwaves were monitored and digitally scored. Creativity score/frequency count Spearman rho coefficients were calculated for (a) resting baseline activity, (b) creative activity only, (c) creative plus baseline activity, and (d) percent shift (baseline to creative activity). Correlation of creativity score with left hemisphere 40Hz. activity for the above four measures were, respectively: .46 (p<.01), .56 (p<.01), .46 (p<.01), and .28 (n.s.). For left side theta the respective correlations were: -.19 (n.s.), -.28 (n.s.), .28 (n.s.), and -.14 (n.s.). For the right hemisphere, the respective correlations were: for 40Hz. .53 (p<.01), .35 (n.s.), .52 (p<.01), and -.38 (n.s.), for theta: -.09 (n.s.), -.06 (n.s.), -.08 (n.s.), and -.02 (n.s.). Creativity score extreme groups showed high group mean baseline to creative activity shifts toward more left side 40Hz. and less right side 40Hz. and an opposite but smaller low group trend. Both groups in both hemispheres shifted to more theta and more so in the right than left side.
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dc.titleVerbal creativity, 40Hz. and theta
dc.type.genreThesis of Social Sciences, Department of of Houston of Science


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