A comparison of mothers' estimates with the measured adjustments of their junior high school children



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The purpose of this study is to investigate how well some mothers can estimate the adjustment of their children as measured by the California Test of Personality. A comparison of the mothers' responses with those of their children furnished a basis for judging the direction and extent that mothers can estimate the personal, social and total adjustment of their children. It was felt that this would be an indication of how well mothers understand their children. A study of the literature on parent-child relationships and adolescent behavior confirmed several ideas that had arisen as a result of the study. These ideas are that a parent or teacher who understands a child can anticipate his behavior; that adolescents need understanding but generally feel misunderstood; that understanding by parents, especially mothers, is a very important influence in the development of a child; that few studies of the direction or extent of understanding of children by their parents has been made; and, that a simple procedure to help parents or teachers measure the direction or extent of understanding a parent has for a particular child would be very helpful. [...]