Polarization and frequencey characteristics of a single resonant mode in a dual-polarized He-Ne gas ring laser



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This dissertation reports experimental observation of simultaneous laser oscillation of four travelling-wave eigenstates of polarization of a single electromagnetic resonant mode in an optically non-reciprocal, anisotropic, ring laser. Theoretical expressions are calculated, via a Jones matrix analysis, for the frequency and polarization characteristics of the four eigenstates of the single resonant mode in term's of the nonreciprocal and anisotropic parameters associated with the elements of the passive cavity. A comparison between the experimentally observed and theoretically calculated polarization and frequency characteristics of the eigenstates confirm the validity of the Jones matrix analysis. In addition, the simultaneous beat signals yield a comparison of the nonlinear mode coupling effects associated with eigenstates from opposite directions as opposed to those from the same direction. Appendix A is a theoretical development and experimental verification of a set of geometrical stability criteria for ring laser operation.