Food Preparation And Dining In A Normalized Space Environment The Meal: A Centerpiece For Psychological Survival



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Introducing three modular multipurpose units as the cooking aspect of space travel creates a more normalized space environment that gives the crew a sense of home away from earth. Bringing a cooking aspect to Mars will create a sense of community and improve the astronauts' mental and physical health. These units are more versatile, compact, user-friendly, modular, hygienic, efficient, maintainable, and adaptive than what we currently have on the ISS, and they give modularity to the evolution of food in space. A diverse menu can elevate the meal for every crew member by providing dishes from all over the world, for a culturally diverse crew. In a world where everything is freeze-dried, introducing an herb growth facility that can bring a sense of fresh food and variety to space, not only provides some extra nutrition but slowly paints a picture of what fresh food could be in the far future. Mealtime is not only an eating experience, but it’s a social experience as well. Enjoying food is an important part of life everywhere, and it becomes even more important in space. On the ISS there is an issue revolving around food and how much it affects mental health. The diet of the astronauts isn’t seen as a major problem to solve, but merely an inconvenience. Over the past decades, mankind has spent in space, there have been visible physical and emotional side effects. The physical side effects have been extensively researched and tested, while the mental side effects haven't been taken much into consideration.



Mars, Kitchen, Cooking, Units, Food, Space, Health, Psychology, Herbs, Mental health, Dining, Social, Experience, Modular, Efficient, Normalized