A study of underlying factors which influence school district reorganization in a selected area of Texas



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PROBLEM. The purpose of this study was to propose and evaluate feasible plans for restructuring the school districts of Orange County, Texas into one or more efficient, operating units. In order that the proposed reorganization be acceptable to the patrons of the community, the characteristics of the restructured district included a more efficient use of tax dollars, a more efficient administrative operation, more acceptable facilities and services, and increased educational opportunities for the students. PROCEDURE. The preliminary step in the research was a thorough review of the five studies and surveys related to school district reorganization in Orange County, of local newspaper articles and editorials, of the minutes and records of the Orange County School Board, and of the minutes and records of the five independent school districts in Orange County. These reviews were made in order to analyze the consolidation recommendations made for the schools of Orange County and to identify the methods of school district reorganization used in the county. Second, recent court actions, attorney's opinions, and Texas school law handbooks were evaluated in order to ascertain the capacity of the Texas law to facilitate or hinder school consolidation. And finally, in order to find the optimal approach available to the local districts for reorganization, the literature in the areas of district structure and organization, the data from the five consolidation reports of qualified researchers, the data from the minutes and records of the school districts in the county, and the data from interviews with the superintendents and school board members were analyzed. [...]



School districts--Texas--Orange County, School management and organization--Texas--Orange County