Analyzing the job of volunteer : using the position analysis questionnaire (PAQ)



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The recent increase in dependence upon the voluntary sector to provide essential services has underscored the need for efficient operation and effective management of volunteer organizations (Worthman, 1982). Effective management would provide for maximum utilization of the volunteer hour, the voluntary sector's single largest asset. The total absence of empirical analysis of relevant volunteer characteristics and the functions performed by volunteers (Ekstrom, 1979) , however, precludes judgements regarding the adequacy of current volunteer utilization. Accordingly, this study consists of a systematic job analysis of selected volunteer functions and collection of background and autobiographical data on the volunteers performing those functions as a means of judging the effectiveness of their current utilization. Eleven volunteer functions were examined by administration of the Position Analysis Questionnaire (McCormick, Jeanneret & Mecham, 1977) to incumbents of a minimum of six months experience. Six of the functions were in mental health services organizations, and the remaining five were in a hospital. In addition, information about the volunteer experience, educational history, and work background of the incumbents was collected using a specially designed Experience and Educational Background Form. [...]



Volunteers, Job analysis