Modified Control for Single-Phase Fuel Cell Systems with Input Ripple Compensation and Improved Output Quality



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Fuel cells serve as a clean, renewable and efficient source of electrical energy. The power conditioning system associated with their applications consist of a DC-DC converter stage and a DC-AC inverter stage. In a single-phase fuel cell system, the single-phase inverter introduces a second harmonic component in the current drawn from the fuel cell source. This low-frequency current ripple has been found to be detrimental to the performance, lifespan, and efficiency of the fuel cell, if not adequately controlled. This thesis presents a current control method for the DC-DC converter stage that reduces the input current ripple drawn from the source in the single-phase fuel cell system. A modified inverter control is proposed to improve the system output quality. Simulations are carried out using MATLAB; the results compared with the conventional method. To validate the proposed approach, experimental results from a laboratory prototype are presented. The proposed method uses a Digital Signal Processor for control system monitoring and control.



Power electronics, Fuel cell, Second harmonic current, DC-DC boost converter, Single-phase, Inverters