An analytical study of catalytic wire behavior



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This work investigates the behavior of catalytic wire reactions in order to explain some of the experimentally observed phenomena in these systems. It was found that the high temperature fluctuations which have been observed in these systems can be explained by the unstable operation of the reaction or by the effect of turbulent fluctuations. In the turbulent case the temperature fluctuations were found to be a strong function of the frequency at which the turbulent energy is concentrated rather than the turbulent intensity. In addition it was found that the turbulence could affect the extinction temperature of the reaction. It was found that poisoning on a catalytic wire could move a reaction system from a region of stable operation into a region of instability, a phenomena which has been observed experimentally. The opposite effect was also found, an initially unstable reacting system becoming stable due to poisoning. It was also found that poisoning could perturb a reacting system from a high temperature steady state to a low one and that poisoning could in some cases force the reacting system into a continuous oscillation. [...]