Teacher Perceptions of the Learning By Doing Program



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Background: Many teachers in school settings are expected to assist students in achieving academic success without providing sufficient scaffolds for both the teacher and the student. Purpose: In order to gain knowledge regarding best practices involving teacher support and the effect of educator scaffolding on student success in academic settings, the purpose of this study was to investigate the implementation of the Learning by Doing Program and analyze its effectiveness on the perceived readiness of teachers and on the academic success of their students. This study posed the following research questions: 1) What are teacher perceptions of the Learning by Doing Program? And 2) Do teachers believe the Learning by Doing Program provides them and the students they teach with the skills needed to be successful? Methods: A qualitative case study was conducted to collect and analyze the perceptions of three teachers who were invited to participate in both individual and focus group interviews. The data collected from the two types of interviews was analyzed to determine common patterns and themes. Results: The study yielded five themes pertaining to the teachers’ perceptions regarding the program. These themes were: 1) Teachers felt that the repetition of the program was beneficial for students learning letter knowledge and letter sounds; 2) Teachers felt the program assisted in creating readers; 3) Teachers felt that the program assisted in creating writers; 4) Teachers felt that the students using the program became independent learners; and 5) Teachers felt that the organization of the program, which included trainings, materials, and the continued support assisted them to be more successful in the classroom. Conclusion: Based on the data collected from the teachers’ experiences with the program, it was determined that students were successful with reading and writing along with independence being fostered with the use of the program.



Early childhood, Curriculum