Healthier hotel rooms: Training procedures for hotel guestroom sanitation


The focus of this project was to close the existing gap between current hotel cleaning standards and sanitization levels. In conjunction with a thorough content analysis of industry cleaning procedures, this study aimed to determine effective and efficient cleaning procedures currently used in the lodging industry by sampling 23 locations within hotel rooms using aerobic plate counts (APC) and adenosine triphosphate bioluminescence (ATP-B). Implementing correction action procedures and factsheet information into the housekeeping cleanliness routine effectively altered the level of cleanliness present in hotel guestrooms. The results demonstrated that focusing on specific areas during cleaning effectively reduced the presence of contamination in guestrooms. When ATP-B and APC measurements reduced, the possibility of guests and employees contacting an illness reduced as well.



Hotel Guestrooms, Cleanliness, Training, ATP-B, APC