The Moderating Effects of Consumers’ Awareness of a Parent Lodging Company’s Ownership of a Luxury Hotel Brand on Consumers’ Overall Attitude



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Acquiring an upward brand extension in a luxury market creates a dilemma for a functional-oriented parent company to express this ownership due to the renowned brand image of the luxury hotel. The purpose of this study is to identify the moderating effects of consumers’ awareness of a functional parent company’s ownership of a luxury hotel brand on brand reputation, prestige, and consumer overall attitude towards the functional parent company and the luxury extension. Previous studies have demonstrated the transferability of consumers’ attitudes towards the parent company to its horizontal or downward extensions. This study hypothesized the potential, reverse effect and investigated consumer attitude transferability from an upward luxury extension to its parent company by comparing different path relationships across the aware and unaware consumers within the model.



Brand Reputation, Brand Prestige, Consumers' Overall Attitude, Consumers' Awareness of the Ownership, Moderating Effect, Luxury brand extension, Functional Parent Company