A comparison of the importance of the subject matter topics and training activities in word processing training as perceived by postsecondary word processing teachers and word processing supervisors in Houston and San Antonio, Texas



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Statement of the Problem. Word processing is rapidly emerging as the greatest innovation in information processing since the introduction of the computer for commercial use in 1954. As more and more companies incorporate the use of word processing in their everyday activities, procedures and job requirements change. Being cognizant of the changes in job requirements in offices brought about by new technology, namely word processing, educators are faced with the problem of developing training programs that will enable students to acquire skills they need to be productive employees in this new work environment. As colleges and universities add word processing classes to their business or secretarial curriculum or expand an existing word processing program, it is important to know if educators and representatives from business are in agreement about subject matter topics and training activities that should be included in courses being taught. [...]



Word processing--Study and teaching