An analysis of temperament traits of selected high school football coaches and varsity football teams as measured by the Guilford-Zimmerman temperament survey



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Problem. The study was developed with the following purposes: 1. To compare temperament trait scores of high school football coaching staffs and football players with normative groups, and subgroups of football players by educational classification, experience, and team position. 2. To determine the relationship between mean trait scores of coaching staffs and teams with degree of success, defined as proportion of games won during the 1967 football season. Procedures. The Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey was- selected to assess ten temperament traits of members of high school varsity football teams (N = 368) and of varsity football coaches (N = 40) in District 12-AAAA of the Texas Interscholastic League. The test was administered at each of the ten schools at the end of the 1967 football season. Statistical comparisons showed that significant differences existed for two of the three hypotheses of the study. [...]



Football coaches, Football players, Guilford-Zimmerman temperament survey