The effects of relating personal experiences through narratives and instruction on the recall of abstract physical science concepts by eighth grade students



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Introduction. Many secondary school students experience difficulty in understanding science as evidenced by poor achievement on classroom tests and declining enrollment in the science programs. Evidently, science concepts are too abstract for these students. The students find little meaning in their subject matter, achieve poorly on tests, and as a result, have little liking for science. The notion is that abstract science course subject matter is best suited for abstract reasoners. This notion can best be observed in the physical sciences. Energy, motion, and matter are all integrally related concepts that should be understood by an educated society as these concepts are the fundamental building blocks in understanding the world. Purpose. This study investigated the effects of recall of past experiences by eighth grade students on student's identification with abstract physical science concepts. These effects were manipulated in two ways- (1) type of reading narrative and (2) specific recall directions contained within the reading narratives. [...]



Science--Study and teaching (Secondary)