The social construction of reading achievement and classroom behavior : an ethnography of a five-week summer school session for below grade level elementary students



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This study attempted to understand how and why reading lessons, and classroom situations more generally, are socially constructed by students and teachers. An ethnographic study was conducted of ten 3rd, 4th and 5th grade elementary students and their teacher during a five-week summer school program designed to provide remediation for students who were at least one year below grade level functioning in reading achievement. The school served a neighborhood of predominantly white, upper-middle-class families. The average student in this school, according to SRA test results, was reading a year or more above grade level, with some reading at a high school level. During the five weeks, each day's two-hour class session was observed and comprehensive field notes taken. Informal discussions were held with students and the teacher, supplemented by more formal, semistructured interviews. The school's principal and the students' teachers from the past year were also interviewed. [...]



Reading (Elementary), Reading--Remedial teaching