The effects of demographic and personality factors on job satisfaction of self-contained classroom teachers and open-area team teachers



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The focus of this study was the examination of job satisfaction of two groups of elementary school teachers in terms of personality characteristics. Answers to the following questions were sought. 1. Do open-area team teachers exhibit greater job satisfaction than self-contained classroom teachers? 2. Which personality characteristics contribute to the job satisfaction of teachers? 3. Do open-area team teachers and self-contained classroom teachers differ on the personality characteristics which effect teacher job satisfaction? Subjects for the study were elementary school classroom teachers representing ten schools in four school districts in the greater Houston area. The voluntary sample was composed of 39 open-area team teachers from four schools and 39 self-contained classroom teachers from six schools. Subjects responded to two instruments designed to provide data about selected personality traits. Responses to the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire provided data on sixteen personality characteristics perceived to exert major influence on personality expression. Responses to the Dogmatism Scale provided data on open- and closed-mindedness. Data about job satisfaction were obtained from the Purdue Teacher Opinionaire which yielded scores on ten factors of job satisfaction and a total job satisfaction score. The Teacher Orientation Study provided a total score on satisfaction with teaching. Demographic data were obtained by written questionnaire. Preliminary breakdown analyses of the data were used in the identification of demographic covariates. Analysis of covariance was used to determine whether differences in job satisfaction existed between the teacher groups. Multiple regression analyses were used to assess the contribution of personality characteristics to teacher job satisfaction and to membership in teacher groups. Results of the analyses led to the general conclusion that although open-area team teachers and self-contained classroom teachers differed in total job satisfaction and differed on several factors of job satisfaction, and although three personality characteristics effected teacher job satisfaction, differences in job satisfaction between open-area team teachers and self-contained classroom teachers could not be explained by personality characteristics. [...]