Sharing of peripherals among several processors



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Technological advances in central processors such as the microprocessor, have dramatically shifted hardware costs from the processor to the peripheral. This thesis validates the feasibility of sharing resources among two processors; specifically, the Microdata 1600/30 and the Interdata Model Sharing increases utilization, and hence reduces the cost of unit operation. An operating system is created for the Microdata which supports a batch environment. A simple JCL allows operator interaction with the system. The OS allows the user to program efficiently by concentrating more on specific tasks and less on input/output processing and interrupt handling. Program execution is allowed to overlap I/O processing for CPU optimization. A console directive package is presented which allows debug and utility activities. Disk file management is supported. An operating system for the Interdata is presented with similar features. Interaction of the two processors with device sharing is presented. This includes areas of communication and synchronization. A protocol is established for requests, acknowledgements , data transfers and status.