A study to develop a computer-based statewide, integrated system for the reporting of teacher-personnel data



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The need for an integrated, computer-based professional personnel information system was stated in the literature and reflected in the contemporary problems of managing vast amounts of professional personnel information flowing from the school district, level to the State level. The purpose of the study was to design an integrated, computer-based, professional personnel information system, for automating the present teacher-personnel information system in Texas, and to expand the present system by providing for analysis level reports, in accordance with Texas Education Agency guidelines and regional education service center specifications to facilitate implementation of such analysis throughout the State. The following objectives were established for the study: A. To design a computer-based system which integrates the collection, storage, updating, and retrieval of professional personnel information. B. To include additional uses for teacher-personnel information, beyond the clerical and mechanical uses, to applications involving techniques of control and analysis. C. To conceptualize this management information system at a regional level, or at a multi-regional level, for implementation on a statewide basis. D. To make the components of the system general enough to be used by districts, regions, and states to analyze their own information systems, and to use the system in a specific application to satisfy the requirements of the present study relative to reports to the State, and reports used for purposes of control and analysis. E. To structure the proposed personnel system within the guidelines established by the Texas Education Agency, and Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Company, in the publication, A Design for a Texas Education Management Information System (EMIS). [...]



School personnel management--Data processing