Save Houston Wildlife; Conserve the Bayous



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The impact that natural disasters have brought upon human beings’ lives has been extensively discussed the last couple of decades, but the influence it has had on Houston wildlife has not been discussed with the same focus. This issue came to mind when considering other things that are affected through natural disasters and environmental problems, and of course wildlife suffers some of the biggest consequences. This inspired me to figure out if environmental conservation in Houston has made an impact wildlife preservation. I will focus on environmental issues that have caused wildlife to disappear or become endangered, and answering why it ended up happening. While contemplating this issue, there is a bigger question coming into play: should animals be treated morally equal to humans? Humans take animal lives for granted, and while most of society values them to some degree, the majority value them less than what they value a human life.



Natural Disasters, Anthropocentrism, Houston Wildlife Preservation, Environmental Conservation, Natural disasters, Anthropocentrism, Houston Wildlife Preservation, Environmental Conservation