Retention of volunteers at New Age Hospice of Houston



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The main purpose of this research study was to examine retention of volunteers; what characteristics in a volunteer can predict how long that volunteer will stay with an agency? A measurement goal in the study was that an instrument would be developed that would be useful in surveying volunteers in any agency with the purpose of obtaining specific information with which to make needed changes in that agency. The study was carried out with volunteers of New Age Hospice of Houston. There were 51 eligible respondents. The questionnaire used was composed of Mowday, Steers and Porter's Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (1979), Jenner's Volunteer Types (1981), and Gidron's Expectation Lists (1978). Retention was found to be significantly related to type of volunteer and to be affected by expectations more than commitment. The study upholds the use of Jenner's "types of volunteers" and the use of the "expectancy model." These and other implications for further research are detailed.



Volunteer workers in social service--Texas--Houston