Development of a simulation model for evaluation of a multi-story building solid waste collection system



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The effective collection and processing of solid waste is one of the major problems facing our urban society today. An immediate economically feasible solution is essential in view of the rapid expansion and multiplication of urban areas, the greater and more diverse contribution of industry, commerce, and improved municipal facilities to the solid waste build-up in our cities, and the growing public awareness of the catastrophic consequences of an inefficient waste handling system. A simulation model for one of the most critically affected areas - multi-story buildings - has been developed to evaluate the significant parameters - time, cost, efficiency, quantity of waste, movement of personnel - involved in the existent collection system. Adaptation of this model for run on the SDS-Sigma 7 computer has permitted manipulative perturbations to evaluate subtle changes in building design and hardware feasibility. Application of Operations Research in the form of queueing theory and probability distribution has aided in the construction of this model. Data for the model has been obtained by disturbing the existing collection system in two multi-story buildings of diverse function and location and personally carrying out the waste collection at pre-determined frequencies.