Transfer Effect of Trust, Satisfaction and Loyalty Link: Building Loyalty Relationships through an E-Contact Center



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With the recent advancements in information and communications technology, e-contact centers have taken on a new role in the retail world. They have become an essential gateway to retailers’ relationship with their customers. The use of consumer-trusted advanced communication technologies in e-contact centers has been found to play an important role in the creation of customer loyalty. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of consumer trust in information and communication technology on the trust, satisfaction, and loyalty that customers develop with e-contact centers and to provide an integrated model to assess the effect of a trust-satisfaction-loyalty link to e-contact centers on the formation process of their loyalty to retailers. The results suggest that trust in communication technology plays an important role in the formation process of customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty within e-contact centers, and that customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty to e-contact centers are linked to their loyalty to retailers.



Trust, Satisfaction, Loyalty, E-contact center, Information and communication technology (ICT)