An exploration in community integration : The Houston Negro press, 1960-1967



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The purpose of this paper is to examine Negro political communications with reference to the Negro protest and civil rights movement. It Is proposed, that there Is an association between changes In the nature of the communications and the acceleration of the protest movement since 1960. It Is proposed, as well, that an alternative model developed out of the communications approach to the study of political integration supplies an useful frame of reference In which to describe and analyze this association of communications and events. An operational model of communicative Integration Is constructed as a framework for analysis. The analytical technique Is content analysis. A constant Interval probability sample of editorial materials Is submitted to statistical description and analysis. Results are Interpreted in light of the research model and historical events. One of the newspapers coincides with the central proposition that there has been Increasing attention to the Integration of the Negro community per se as a prerequisite to national integration. The other paper runs counter to expectations. One paper Is found to be promoting a pre-integration of the Negro community. The other Is found to be promoting direct integration of Individual Negroes Into the greater American community. In sum, one paper encourages a group influence approach to integration. It is gaining popularity. The other-declining in popularity-continues to encourage integration of individuals rather than of the aggregate.



Houston history archives, Integration, The Houston Negro Press