Draft Genome Sequence of Sorghum Grain Mold Fungus Epicoccum sorghinum, a Producer of Tenuazonic Acid


The facultative plant pathogen Epicoccum sorghinum is associated with grain mold of sorghum and produces the mycotoxin tenuazonic acid. This fungus can have serious economic impact on sorghum production. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of E. sorghinum (USPMTOX48).





Copyright 2017 Genome announcements. Recommended citation: Oliveira, Rodrigo C., Karen W. Davenport, Blake Hovde, Danielle Silva, Patrick SG Chain, Benedito Correa, and Debora F. Rodrigues. "Draft genome sequence of sorghum grain mold fungus Epicoccum sorghinum, a producer of tenuazonic acid." Genome announcements 5, no. 4 (2017): e01495-16. DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01495-16 URL: https://mra.asm.org/content/5/4/e01495-16.short Reproduced in accordance with the original publisher’s licensing terms and with permission from the author(s).