Afro-Latino Language Attitudes and Identity in the United States and Latin America



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This research project sought to collectively study the identity and linguistic attitudes of Afro-Latinos in the diaspora and in the homeland. The diaspora being the United States and the homeland being Latin America and Bogotá, Colombia. This study employs Tabouret-Keller’s (1998) concepts on language as acts of identity and Toribio’s (2006) model which incorporates race and ethnicity as factors that play a role in how language and identity work together. The participants in this study represent only a small population of Afro-Latinos from diverse socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. The interviews included in this project are an authentic reflection of Afro-Latinos living in and outside of the United States. These first-hand experiences allow Afro-Latinos to be heard and reflect on their truths as Black Latinos. It offers a panoramic view on Afro-Latino language attitudes, their identity, relationships with other Latinos and Black peoples, and their connection to Latin America.



Afro-Latinos, Identity, Sociolinguistics