Interaction between diagnostic dyes and disposable syringes




Cammack, Thomas N., Jr.

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Stability studies on three diagnostic dyes, Congo Red, Indigo Carmine, and Phenol Red, when stored at 22[degrees], 45[degrees] and 60[degrees] C. in plastic and glass disposable syringes for a period of 84 days were conducted. Three different brands of plastic syringes and the Tubex[registered trademark] brand of glass syringe were tested. It was found that only Congo Red appeared to be stable in each of the syringes. Indigo Carmine decomposed in all brands of plastic syringes at all three temperatures. The rate of decomposition appears to be a zero order reaction. The energy of activation of Indigo Carmine in each brand of plastic syringe was calculated to be 9,500 calories per mole in the Burron syringe, 11,200 calories per mole in the Jelco syringe, and 10,900 calories per mole in the Roehr Monoject[registered trademark] syringe. The retention of Phenol Red in each type of syringe assayed more than 100 per cent in nearly all the samples, thus indicating that some form of decomposition of Phenol Red had occurred.