Investigating the Relationship between the Exposure to Smartphone Health Applications and the Intention to Use the Applications to Guide Exercise Behavior



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This research studied how smartphone applications are influencing individual’s health-related attitudes and behaviors with regards to the obesity issue. Because there is no research studies that have focused on the impacts of smartphone applications on people’s attitude and behavior changes, especially among Chinese respondents, this research explored the relationships among exposure to health-related applications, attitudes towards health-related applications, attitude about the use of health-related applications, attitude about the behavior, self-efficacy for the use of health applications and doing exercise, subjective norms regarding using health applications and doing exercises intentions to use smartphone health applications to guide obesity prevention, and intention to exercise in the near future. An online survey was conducted involving 303 participants in the Henan Institute of Education forum whose readers are mainly from Zhengzhou city, Henan Providence in China.



Smartphone health application, Media, Mass communication, Attitudes, Behaviors, Exercise