Improving Reservoir Simulation Models by Incorporating Rock Types

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Defining of rock types for a reservoir has been proven to be helpful when creating a geological model. Lab investigation helps in providing data and conclusions which when combined with Petro-physical properties aids in planning for future design based on permeability, porosity and rock quality. Rock typing further helps in grouping similar rock types under one roof and helps in defining the flow unit; which have imprinted correlations and pressure profiles. Various methods were used to conclude the rock types, and efforts were made to validate those conclusions using other data. Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) data was studied to classify rocks for further assessment of properties. This thesis work was further used in selection of good quality rock samples for which laboratory experiments were done to understand their properties. Concept of rock type was applied to reservoir simulation and comparison was made to model with single rock type.

Rock properties, MICP analysis, Thin-section images