Room temperature fracture mechanics analysis of 6A1-4V Titanium



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All the metals, raw or welded, may contain flaws. The existence of these flaws reduces the strength of the material, and hence, the life of the structure is also affected. The behavior of metals containing flaws in air environment is very complex. The problem consists of first, finding the size of the flaws existing in the material, secondly, finding the strength of the material, the loss due to the presence of these flaws, and thirdly, estimating the period through which the existing initial flaw in the material may attain critical value. This volume deals with the flaw growth characteristics of 6A1-4V Titanium at room temperature. Derivation of Irwin's formula for finding stress intensity factor and different corrections are discussed in detail. Experimental results are analyzed and are presented in the form of curves. An up-to-date annotated bibliography is also presented on the subject of fracture mechanics.