A test of a causal model of attrition among freshmen students and an examination of the interaction of academic, social and commitment variables



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This research, conducted among University of Houston-University Park freshmen, tested a causal model of attrition based on the work of Tinto (1975)- The model examined the effects background, academic and social integration and commitment variables had on persistence. Persistence was defined as a student's reenrollment for the spring semester. The interaction of academic and social integration and subsequent goal and institutional commitment were also examined for a compensatory effect. The model was tested by solving five regression equations to yield direct path coefficients. Non-significant paths were deleted to produce the most parsimonious model. The full model accounted for 17.8% of the variance and the reduced model accounted for 16.0% of the variance. The interaction was tested through multiple regression and the t-test of means. [...]



College dropouts