The theory of incompetent shales: a possible solution to the genesis of regional faulting in the Gulf coast area of Texas and Louisiana



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The genesis of faulting in the Gulf Coast Area of Texas and Louisiana must, of necessity, differ from the origin of faulting in other geologic provinces. The following criteria are peculiar to the Tertiary sediments of the Gulf Coast Area: 1. Virtually all faulting is normal faulting. 2. Gulf Coast faults may possess reverse drag. 3. An unusual tendency of major faulting to be compensated for in this area is apparent. 4. The more competent the bed the higher the angle of faulting and the less competent the bed the lower the angle of faulting. 5. A downthrown stratigraphic unit can be much thicker than its upthrown equivalent. 6. All of the above criteria can exist in specific areas where no salt has been penetrated by the drill. [...]