Pulse height analysis using athena computer



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A pulse height analyzer which sorts and converts pulses according to their height with the remote operation mode has been designed and constructed. The analyzer system consists of a pulse height-to-digital converter, the Athena Computer, and two digital-to-analog converters. The pulse height-to-digital converter converts input data pulses (0.2V~2V height, 2[Mu]s~10[Mu]s width) to 7-digit binary outputs which are proportional to the pulse height. The digitized input data pulses are stored in the 127 different core addresses of the Athena Computer determined by their height. The digital-to-analog converters displays a plot of the number of pulses versus pulse height of the stored data on an oscilloscope. The remote operation which performs clearing of the magnetic core storage, data-loading and readout-data is accomplished by using several of the special features of the Athena Computer.