Teacher decisional participation and stress



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Teachers are demanding involvement in the decision-making process. Traditionally, administrators have had the decision-making responsibility in public schools. Teaching is considered a stressful profession. This study examines teacher decisional participation in the managerial and instructional domains and teacher stress. The 392 volunteers from three suburban school districts in Harris County, Texas, responded to three questionnaires: Decision Involvement Analysis Questionnaire, IPAT Anxiety Scale, and the Stress/Decision Involvement Questionnaire. Measures obtained from the instruments were (1) decisional participation, (2) stress anxiety, (3) stress participation, (4) stress non-participation, (5) discrepancy stress participation, and (6) stress health. Decisional participation was then categorized into two conditions: deprivation and equilibrium. Pearson Product Moment correlations, a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), and chi square procedures were employed to statistically test relationships among the variables and the six hypotheses. [...]



Teacher morale, School management and organization--Decision making