Stakeholder Relationships in Comparison to Success and Profitability in Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Companies



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My project looks into how non-profits interact with their stakeholders (such as volunteers, employees, members, etc.) and how that contributes to their success as an organization. Success is loosely defined as how well the researched non-profit accomplish their mission compared to other non-profits in their same category. I used the Houston Museum of Natural Science as my main base of information when looking into non-profits. This is due to my personal interest in museums as well as how big of a museum district our city has. We need to be able to see the connections between how organizations interact with their people and the community in order to grow their success in our city. With more revenue and profitability, non-profits will not only be able to continue to exist but also be able to give back to our community with programming, projects, outreach, and other benefits. It is important to see how a specific non-profit works holistically and see if there are any for-profit comparisons that could help or be looked at for possible growth solutions. Most, if not all, departments within the museum work together to try and make the organization more successful. Continuing to work on these relationships will further develop more enhanced ideas on how to get education out to the public.