Systolic blood pressure response during exercise and recovery in healthy young adults



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One hundred-fifty apparently healthy young adults were given a maximum Bruce Protocol Stress Test. The seventy-five male and seventy-five female college-age students differed significantly (p<.02) for the resting variables of weight, height, percent body fat, heart rate and systolic blood pressure. The study's purpose was to develop normative systolic blood pressure data for both young men and women during Bruce Protocol exercise and recovery. The data were further analyzed using repeated measures MANOVA to identify significant effects associated with due to gender, occasion and gender by occasion. Wilks Lambda statistics for gender, interaction and the occasion factors were significant (p<.001) for exercise and recovery. MANOVA analysis indicated linear, quadratic and cubic variables were significant beyond the .001 level. Stepdown tests were, therefore, used to identify significant trends. Results indicated a linear trend for occasion and gender by occasion exercise. The quadratic trend for occasion and gender by occasion effects was indicated during recovery. [...]



Blood pressure--Measurement, Heart function tests