Preference for and utilization of health care services by Mexican Americans in South Texas



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The literature indicated that the language and cultural incongruence between the health care provider and consumer, which is related to socioeconomic status and acculturation of the consumer, contributes to the underutilization of health care services by Mexican Americans. This study was conducted to identify factors that influenced utilization of health care services among Mexican Americans. Four hundred and eight personal interviews were conducted by bilingual interviewers in Cameron and Hidalgo counties in the south- most part of Texas. Consistent with the purpose of the study, the following hypotheses were tested: 1) Irrespective of income, education, acculturation, and frequency of use of health care services there will be no statistically significant difference in preference of Anglo American or Mexican American health care providers by Mexican American consumers. 2) The frequency of utilization of health care services is not directly related to the level of acculturation of Mexican American consumers. 3) The utilization and acceptance of health care services are not related to the socioeconomic status of the Mexican American consumer. The Chi Square Test was used to test the hypotheses with a 0.05 significance as the acceptance level for validation. [...]



Mexican Americans, Health and hygiene, Medical care, Cameron County, Texas, Hidalgo County, Texas