Integrated remote sensing and geophysical study of the Hockley fault in Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas.



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Active faults in Houston area are an ongoing problem, and this continues to cause damage to the local roads and infrastructures. Within the last 3 years, residents in the Woodlands area have reported increasing property damage from faulting caused by the Hockley Fault System. Rapid slip rates and the potential damages portray the need of further study. The objective of this study is to gain greater insights into the Hockley Fault and to increase the available information of active faults. The objectives were achieved in part through acquisition of new 2-D shallow seismic and gravity data in the vicinity of the main fault scarp. This second part of the study focused on the use of three generations of LiDAR data for mapping the terminal segment of the Hockley Fault and for calculating the rate of fault displacement as well as utilizing GPS data to further test the fault activity.



Hockley fault