A history of Indianola



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Though the city of Indianola no longer exists, it has been sadly neglected by historians in view of the fact that it was such an important port and distribution center during the second half of the nineteenth century. This city had its beginning during the later years of the Republic of Texas. As the state of Texas grew in population, industry, and prestige, even so did Indianola. Hundreds of immigrants disembarked at this thriving port; some remained at Indianola. During its period of greatest prosperity, Indianola was the chief port for the vast Southwest region of Texas. Many Texas history text books Include nothing about this once important port. Others mention the city briefly but do not give a complete picture of the important part that Indianola played in the building of Texas. Many writers have contributed articles, essays, and various works of writing on the subject of Old Indianola, but to the knowledge of the author, there has been no complete work that has been written on this subject. [...]



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