Study of Dewetting in Thin Polymer Films



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The project studies the Dewetting process in thin polymer films in detail. Dewetting is a phenomenon that occurs at the solid-liquid interface where the liquid retracts from the non-wettable solid it was forced to cover. This process can be observed in macroscale but is taken to microscale ( polymer films ) to observe various interesting mechanisms at different processing temperatures and timescales. The system used for the project consists of Poly(styrene) films deposited on silicon substrates by flow coating using toluene as a solvent. The polymer film was used to study the various stages of Dewetting at and above the Glass Transition temperature with the help of an Optical Microscope. By controlling parameters such as time, temperature, etc controlled dewetted structures have been obtained. Such controlled dewetted structures on a variety of substrates can be useful for templating nanoparticles as well as in lithography applications.