A design tool for timestamp-based concurrency control in distributed database systems



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Most of the proposed concurrency control algorithms in distributed database systems are either based on locking or timestamp ordering techniques. This thesis describes the implementation of a realistic computer simulation model based on the network configuration, data distribution/replication and users activity characteristics which simulates the operations of a distributed database system. This software can be used to analyze the behavior of various timestamp-based concurrency control algorithms in different system environments as well as to suggest appropriate timestamp-based concurrency control algorithms for a distributed database system. A series of experiments has been conducted to observe the effects of varying read-only to update transactions ratio and varying data replication level on the performance of various timestamp-based concurrency control algorithms. The livelock problem due to indefinite cyclic restarts, which exists in most concurrency control based on the timestamp ordering, and its prevention are discussed.



Database management, Electronic data processing--Distributed processing