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  • COSC 2436

    Students self-learning and teaching topics in COSC 2436 are showcased in this community. Available problems and assignments from Dr. Nouhad Rizk are searchable by keyword/topic.

Recent Submissions

  • LeetCode 

    Tran, Hong an (2021-05-01)
    This video explain how to reorder a single linked list.
  • Lab 5 

    Samma, Abdullah (2021-05-01)
    An introduction to constructing and accessing ordered hashmaps using the STL library.
  • HW5 

    Le, Johnny (2021-05-01)
    This video explains the B-Tree implementation.
  • Kattis 

    Lam, Tammy (2021-05)
    This video is to compute median values as integers are added to an array one by one, using priority queue.
  • GA 1 

    Kalajo, Mayssam; Herbert-Hernandez, Erik (2021-05)
    The video covers recursion, stacks, and linked lists. More specifically, the video covers conversion from infix to postfix notation and the subsequent evaluation of a postfix expression using stacks while simultaneously ...
  • Hackerrank 

    Iqbal, Adil (2021-05)
    This video is about the Hackerrank problem "Journey to the Moon." First, we isolate components of an undirected graph and use the resulting information to solve a really interesting math problem.
  • Lab 7 

    Iqbal, Adil (2021-05)
    We use Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest path between two vertices in an undirected graph.
  • Lab 1 

    Iqbal, Adil (2021-05)
    This video explains a recursive algorithm to generate the unique string permutations, sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Tutorial 

    Gupta, Ojas (2021-05)
    Video is about BST and shows how to insert/delete/traverse and some other BST subtopics. There is also a QR code to a google doc with all the functions typed out.
  • HW5 

    Gupta, Ojas (2021-05)
    This video explain B Trees, addition, and deletion.
  • Lab 4 

    Gard, Jade (2021-05)
    This video goes over the basic concept of priority queue.
  • Kattis 

    Flores, Andres (2021-05)
    This video goes over how to traverse a two dimensional array.
  • LeetCode 

    Effendi, Loudy (2021-05)
    This video is to verify if an expression is balanced by checking the parenthesis.
  • HW2 

    Cerda, Antonio (2021-05)
    An example of applying sorting techniques on linked list, addition and deletion.
  • Lab 7 

    Bushman, Brooke (2021-05)
    This video covers Dijkstra's Shortest path between two vertices as request in lab 7.
  • LeetCode 

    Brady, Makayla (2021-05)
    Finding out if a binary tree is symmetrical.
  • Kattis 

    Beyabani, Syeda Zuha (2021-05)
    This is a video about string manipulation. This is to verify if the inputs of strings are in alphabetical order.
  • Lab 6 

    Baharlouei, Elaheh (2021-05)
    The video is about lab6, which is related to AVL tree.