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dc.contributorSuits, Brian
dc.contributor.advisorWagner, Elise
dc.contributor.authorVirden, Madeleine
dc.description.abstractThree Romances: I. Nicht schnell; II. Einfach, innig; III. Nicht schnell / Robert Schumann (d. 1856) -- 16 Valsas: Aquela Modinha que o Villa não Escreveu + 1 ¾; Valsa Improvisada / Francisco Mignone (d. 1897) -- Concerto In C Major: I. Allegro; II. Largo; III. Allegro / Antonio Vivaldi (d. 1741)
dc.rightsThe author of this work is the copyright owner. UH Libraries and the Texas Digital Library have their permission to store and provide access to this work. UH Libraries has secured permission to reproduce any and all previously published materials contained in the work. Further transmission, reproduction, or presentation of this work is prohibited except with permission of the author(s).
dc.titleMadeleine Virden - Bachelor of Music - Senior Recital
dc.typeRecording, musical of Music
dc.description.departmentMusic, Moores School of G. McGovern College of the Arts

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