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    • Reasons and Decay: Still Too Many Reasons 

      Ansari, Abdulwausay (2019-05)
      A central question in the theory of practical reasons is about the sources of normativity: about where, if anywhere, our reasons for action ultimately come from. One popular view says that human conation is the source of ...
    • Skeptical Theism and the Scope of our Moral Horizons 

      Brandt, Jeremy (2019-05)
      Reconciling the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent God with the evil that exists in our world is one of the most enduring problems for the Judeo-Christian tradition. Skeptical theists attempt to ...
    • The Epistemic Harm of Normative Masculinity 

      Kieval, Phillip (2019-05)
      I identify a peculiar case of hermeneutical injustice thus far absent from the literature on epistemic injustice: when masculine norms prevent some men from understanding and talking about the finer minutia of their emotional ...