The collection gathers research products generated by students in University of Houston's College of Nursing

Recent Submissions

  • Early Mobility in ICU Patients Improves Outcomes 

    Lee, Rachaeya; Marediya, Shareen; Long, Sydney (2018)
    Lack of mobility for ICU patients is associated with myriad negative patient outcomes that are positively impacted by early mobility interventions.
  • A Comparison of Two Sepsis Risk Identification Methods in the ED 

    Lucas, Elizabeth; Keh, April; Hunsaker, Annie (2018-10-02)
    In the Emergency Department, is an EHR algorithm compared with clinical assessment more effective in identifying patients at risk for developing sepsis?
  • Electronic Health Record: Helping or Harming Patient-Centered Care? 

    Lappin, Leah; Mitchell, Miranda; Slater, Stacy (2018-10-02)
    How do patients perceive the quality of care and communication effectiveness while healthcare providers implement the electronic health record as a primary contributor to the plan of care during a clinical visit?
  • Targeted Education Increases Medication Compliance in Older Adults 

    Walzer, Christopher; Vo, Yvonne; Ellenberg, Sarah (2018-10-02)
    In older adult patients, how does an availability of educational support measures compared with a lack of educational support measures affect medication compliance in the home setting from the time of discharge until the ...