The Digital Research Commons (DRC) exists to help researchers across all disciplines to advance their work through computational means by offering technical expertise and support. DRC-sponsored research projects have ranged from GIS to text mining and 3-D scanning, to generating XML and database structures. Projects may be proposed by any UH undergraduate, graduate student, faculty, or affiliate. Located in room 266C on the second floor of M.D. Anderson Library (see floor map ).

Collections in this community

  • ENGL 2315: Literature & Film—the Vampire

    This collection gathers podcast recordings, scripts, and artwork generated as part of coursework for English 2315: Literature and Film, taught by Jill Martiniuk in Spring 2018 and sponsored by the Digital Research Commons.
  • Instructional Modules

    This collection gathers instructional modules produced by sponsored project teams and affiliates of the Digital Research Commons

Recent Submissions

  • Digital Project Management Workshop: How to Keep Your Head above Water during a Digital Project 

    Neumann, Kristina; Lindner, Peggy (2020-05)
    In this workshop, Dr Kristina Neumann (Department of History, UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences) and Dr Peggy Lindner (Computer Information Systems, UH College of Technology) discuss how to build and manage ...
  • Vampires vs. Witches 

    Charo, Erica; Dang, Carolyn; Redding, Quenton; Zakhireh, Isabella (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Witches: a podcast created and performed by Erica Charo, Carolyn Dang, Quenton Redding, and Isabella Zakhireh.
  • Origin of the Rivalry between Vampires and Werewolves 

    Toor, Gurjinder; Sanchez-Garcia, Destiny; Feaghley, George; Rodriguez, Francisco (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Werewolves: a podcast created and performed by Gurjinder Toor, Destiny Sanchez-Garcia, George Feaghley, and Francisco Rodriguez.
  • Vampires and Advertising 

    Coleman, Madison; Butler, Katie; Rachel, Maddux; Wilson, Vini (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Advertising: a podcast created and performed by Madison Coleman, Katie Butler, Rachel Maddux, and Vini Wilson.
  • Vampires: From Bad to Good 

    Peavy, Michael; Alvarez, Anthony; Roark, Thomas; McCormack, Carter (2018-08-27)
    Vampires: From Bad to Good: a podcast created and performed by Michael Peavy, Anthony Alvarez, Thomas Roark, Carter McCormack.
  • Vampires and Sex 

    Jun, Cosmo; Hurtado, Daniel; Martinez, Ricardo; Pineda, Veronica (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Sexuality: a podcast created and performed by Cosmo Jun, Daniel Hurtado, Ricardo Martinez, and Veronica Pineda.
  • Minds of the Vampire 

    Do, My; Martinez, Veronica; Nunley, Taylor; Rundle, Francescha (2018-08-27)
    Minds of the Vampire: a podcast created and performed by My Do, Veronica Martinez, Taylor Nunley, and Francescha Rundle.
  • Vampire Cults 

    Moser, Koy; Albert, Jack; Wilson, Jared; Nyairo, Michael (2018-08-27)
    Vampiric Cults: an experimental podcast created and performed by Michael Nyairo, Jared Wilson, Jack Albert, and Koy Moser.