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    • Neuron-Epithelial Cell Fusion Occurs in the Central Murine Cornea 

      Courson, Justin A.; Hanlon, Samuel D.; Burns, Alan R. (2017)
      Of the 21 interactions observed in the central cornea, 43% were fusing with basal corneal epithelial cells. Nerves undergoing fusion were twice as large in diameter as standard corneal stromal nerves. Fusing nerves lack ...
    • Role of Hyaluronan in Regulating Limbal Stem Cells 

      Puri, Sudan; Sun, Mingxia; Mutoji, Nadine; Coulson-Thomas, Vivien J. (2017)
      Our data indicates that LSCs can be cultured on HA and a subpopulation of CECs can be induced into the LSCs phenotype and used for the reconstitution of corneal epithelium if provided the environment present in the LSC niche.