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      Miller, Erin (12.2018)
      Coastal wetlands provide many services for the areas that surround them including structured habitat, water filtration through the sediment, and dissipation of storm effects. Increasing rates of wetland loss are cause for ...

      Momin, Ramsha (12.2018)
      Greater engagement with social media sites such as Facebook has been found to increase college students' perceptions of sexual norms by exposing them to content suggesting greater approval of risky sexual behavior than ...

      Lauckner, Liam (12.2018)
      The emplacement of either the Caribbean Large Igneous Province (CLIP) or High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP) is implicated in the triggering of the CenomanianTuronian Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (OAE-2; ca 94 - 95 Ma). ...
    • Lifetime Predictions of Actuation Fatigue for Shape Memory Alloy Notched Members 

      Mehta, Rutvik (12.2018)
      Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)-based solid state actuators are an attractive alternative to conventional actuators when a small volume and/or large force and stroke are required. These alloys have the unique characteristic of ...
    • State of the Science of Adherence in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Microbicide Trials 

      Muchomba, Felix M.; Gearing, Robin E.; Simoni, Jane M.; El-Bassel, Nabila (JAIDS: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 12/01/12)
      For pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and microbicides to effectively prevent HIV, optimal treatment adherence is required. Adherence to these strategies, however, has not been sufficiently studied. This investigation ...
    • Other People's Money: The Effects of Ownership on Compensation Strategy and Managerial Pay 

      Werner, Steve; Tosi, Henry L. (Academy of Management Journal, 12/1/1995)
      This study analyzes the compensation strategy of firms. We examined differences in the pay and incentives of lower-level managers in firms with different levels of management discretion. We found that firms with higher ...
    • History of the ribosome and the origin of translation 

      Petrov, Anton S.; Gulen, Burak; Norris, Ashlyn M.; Kovacs, Nicholas A.; Bernier, Chad R.; Lanier, Kathryn A.; Fox, George E.; Harvey, Stephen C.; Wartell, Roger M.; Hud, Nicholas V.; Williams, Loren Dean (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 12/1/2015)
      We present a molecular-level model for the origin and evolution of the translation system, using a 3D comparative method. In this model, the ribosome evolved by accretion, recursively adding expansion segments, iteratively ...
    • Active Community Participation and Crowdworking Turnover: A Longitudinal Model and Empirical Test of Three Mechanisms 

      Ma, Xiao; Khansa, Lara; Kim, Sung S. (Journal of Management Information Systems, 12/17/2018)
      Crowdworkers, such as Mturk workers, face challenging work conditions, including low pay and unfair treatment. To overcome a lack of means to share information with other workers, they often self-organize in independent ...
    • Prototype Willingness Model cognitions mediate personalized normative feedback efficacy 

      Lewis, Melissa A.; Litt, Dana M.; Tomkins, Mary; Neighbors, Clayton (Prevention Science, 12/19/17)
      Personalized normative feedback (PNF) interventions have been shown to be efficacious at reducing college student drinking. Because descriptive norms have been shown to mediate PNF efficacy, the current study focused on ...
    • Child Mental Health in Jordanian Orphanages: Effect of Placement Change on Behavior and Caregiving 

      MacKenzie, Michael J.; Gearing, Robin E.; Schwalbe, Craig S. J.; Ibrahim, Rawan W.; Brewer, Kathryne B.; Al-Sharaihah, Rasha (BMC Pediatrics, 12/21/14)
      Background: To assess the mental health and behavioral problems of children in institutional placements in Jordan to inform understanding of current needs, and to explore the effects of placement change on functioning and ...
    • Steering a Swarm of Particles Using Global Inputs and Swarm Statistics 

      Shahrokhi, Shiva; Lin, Lillian; Ertel, Chris; Wan, Mable; Becker, Aaron T. (IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 12/21/2017)
      Microrobotics has the potential to revolutionize many applications including targeted material delivery, assembly, and surgery. The same properties that promise breakthrough solutions-small size and large populations-present ...
    • Evidence-Based Family Psychoeducational Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Psychotic Disorders 

      Gearing, Robin E. (Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 12/23/07)
      Introduction: Family psychoeducational interventions have consistently been found to impact families positively and reduce relapse rates in individuals with psychotic disorders. Research finds that, for adults, family ...
    • Racial Disproportionality in the Foster Care System in Texas 

      Cheung, Monit; Leung, Patrick (Journal of Family Strengths, 12/31/14)
      This study analyzes the demographic characteristics of foster care children under the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) in Texas from 2002 to 2013. Using one state as an example, ...
    • Particle Computation: Complexity, Algorithms, and Logic 

      Becker, Aaron T.; Demaine, Erik D.; Fekete, Sándor P.; Lonsford, Jarrett; Morris-Wright, Rose (Natural Computing, 12/8/2017)
      We investigate algorithmic control of a large swarm of mobile particles (such as robots, sensors, or building material) that move in a 2D workspace using a global input signal (such as gravity or a magnetic field). Upon ...
    • Impact of Prior Reviews on the Subsequent Review Process in Reputation Systems 

      Ma, Xiao; Khansa, Lara; Deng, Yun; Kim, Sung S. (Journal of Management Information Systems, 12/9/2014)
      Reputation systems have been recognized as successful online review communities and word-of-mouth channels. Our study draws upon the elaboration likelihood model to analyze the extent that the characteristics of reviewers ...
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      Rooks, Dana; Bailey, Charles W. Jr. (University Libraries, University of Houston, 1990)
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      Rooks, Dana; Bailey, Charles W. Jr. (University Libraries, University of Houston, 1990-03-05)
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      Rooks, Dana; Bailey, Charles W. Jr. (University Libraries, University of Houston, 1990-04-18)
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      Rooks, Dana; Bailey, Charles W. Jr. (University Libraries, University of Houston, 1990-05-04)