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    • How Can We Improve International Students’ Cultural Adjustment in the U.S.A.? 

      Kyonne, Jin Man (University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, 2006)
      At the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC), over 1,300 international students were enrolled during the 2005 academic year. Their family members, as well as international faculty members who included visiting professors, ...
    • How Can We Mitigate Flooding in Houston? 

      Huang, Weihao (2019-04)
      Flooding is a very serious environmental problem. When I was in China, my city Guangzhou was always flooding from the heavy rain. During the flooding, residents could not go to work and this had a dramatic influence on the ...
    • How Chinese Soft Power Works 

      Truong, Justin (2017)
      Background. Soft power offers states a unique way to advance their interests internationally using cooperation and attraction. Although the term "soft power" only began to enter academic discourse and circulate among ...
    • How Does Grasshopper Feedings Vary Due to Nutrient Additions? 

      Liu-Pham, Ryan; Prather, Chelse; Pennings, Steven C. (2017)
      We looked to explore the relationship between macro- and micronutrient addition on grasshopper feeding rates and their ability to detect the additions of these macro- and micronutrients in Schizachyrium scoparium. In ...
    • How Effective is Chlorhexidine Gluconate on Preventing Surgical Site Infections? 

      Lopez, Diana; Lopez, Lillian; May, Melanie (2018)
      In the prevention of SSIs how does the use of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) compared with povidone-iodine or other solutions, impact the development of SSIs within 30 days postoperatively.
    • How Influential Are Chinese Media in Africa? An Audience Analysis in Kenya and South Africa 

      Wasserman, Herman; Madrid-Morales, Dani (International Journal of Communication, 2018)
      The increased presence of Chinese media in Africa has been the focus of much debate since the early 2010s. Discussions tend to revolve around issues of production and content, providing little evidence on the way audiences ...
    • How Librarians Can Positively Impact STEM Students: Active Learning Design & Video Resources 

      McGowan, Bethany; Ostrosky, Jennifer (2018-07-20)
      This presentation will show how librarians are supporting the design of active learning curricula by assisting instructors with the selection of appropriate support material and by designing appropriate pre-class and ...
    • How to Be a Geek Goddess 

      Vacek, Rachel (Taylor & Francis, 2009-12-02)
      The article reviews the book "How to Be a Geek Goddess," by Christina Tynan-Wood.
    • How to Build a Better Mousetrap 

      Vacek, Rachel; Brett, Kelsey; Castro, Jeannie (2012-11-10)
      The need for various stakeholders in the library to access licensing information is critical when certain departments are working with electronic resources. For example, liaison librarians receive calls from faculty wondering ...
    • How to Increase Confidence Without Improving Performance 

      Smith, Ryan (2017)
      So far, we have determined and adjusted experiment design and written the code for the experiment. We are currently collecting data from test subjects and working on creating related experiments for the future. The experiment ...
    • How to Rock the Planning Process for your Next Digital Library Web Project 

      Vacek, Rachel; Westbrook, Nicole (2013-05-07)
      Does thinking about web projects for digital libraries make you feel as though you're trapped between a rock and a hard place? You will need to engage digital library partners and stakeholders; collect and analyze diverse ...
    • How to Start and Manage a BITNET LISTSERV Discussion Group: A Beginner's Guide 

      Kovacs, Diane; McCarty, Willard; Kovacs, Michael (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1991)
      The following article only attempts to outline the major steps you must take in establishing a LISTSERV discussion group. It assumes that if you are in any doubt you will be able to obtain help on demand from an expert in ...
    • How Users Conduct Research Using Discovery Systems: Results of a Usability Study 

      Brett, Kelsey (2016-04-05)
      A group of librarians at University of Houston Libraries conducted a usability study to find out how users complete common research tasks using the library’s discovery system. The methodology, results, and impacts of the ...
    • Human Muscle-Specific A-Kinase Anchoring Protein (mAKAP) Polymorphisms: Mechanistic Role in Cardiovascular Diseases 

      Suryavanshi, Santosh; Anderson, Kody; Jadhav, Shweta; Lichtarge, Olivier; McConnell, Bradley K. (2017)
      mAKAP polymorphisms may pre-dispose humans to CVDs by altering cAMP/PKA signaling in the heart. PKA-mAKAP interaction modulators can be developed as therapeutic target to augment current treatment of CVDs. This project was ...
    • Human papillomavirus 16 E6 induces FoxM1B in oral keratinocytes through GRHL2 

      Chen, W.; Shimane, S.; Kawano, A.; Alshaikh, Abdullah; Kim, S.Y.; Chung, Sang-Hyuk; Kim, R.H.; Shin, K.H.; Walentin, Katharina; Park, Nyun-Ho; Scmidt-Ott, Kai; Kang, Myung-Koo (Journal of Dental Research, 7/1/2018)
      High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) is a major risk factor for oral and pharyngeal cancers (OPCs), yet the detailed mechanisms by which HPV promotes OPCs are not understood. Forkhead box M1B (FoxM1B) is an oncogene essential ...
    • HUNTER: A Sterile Neutrino Search 

      Rose, Jacob (2017)
      Dark Matter is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in modern physics. Discovery of massive sterile neutrinos could lead to advances in modern particle physics, possible dark matter candidate. Current searches for the ...
    • Hunyh 

      Cooper, James, II (2018-04-25)
      This is my oral history regarding the impact of architecture and its effect on citizens, pertaining to Hurricane Harvey. I conducted an interview of a Houston citizen, Ms. Hunyh, who currently attends the University of ...
    • Hydrodynamic Interactions' Dynamic Impact on the Diffusion of the Reaction Coordinate 

      Victor, Luis H.; Zegarra, Fabio; Homouz, Dirar (2017)
    • Hydrogel-Mediated Direct Writing of Conducting Polymer Films 

      Snook, Jacob (2018)
      Conducting polymers (CP) are a unique material in that that they can facilitate electron flow like metals, but interact favorably with organic material. As a result, CP’s are now being looked at as potential components in ...