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    • Highly focused supersonic microjets 

      Tagawa, Yoshikuyi; Oudalov, Nikolai; Visser, Claas Willem; Peters, Ivo R.; van der Meer, Devaraj; Sun, Chao; Prosperetti, Andrea; Lohse, Detlef (Physical Review X, 7/9/2012)
      This paper describes the production of thin, focused microjets with velocities of up to 850 m/s by the rapid vaporization of a small mass of liquid in an open liquid-filled capillary. The vaporization is caused by the ...
    • Highly focused supersonic microjets: numerical simulations 

      Peters, Ivo R.; Tagawa, Yoshikuyi; Oudalov, Nikolai; Sun, Chao; Prosperetti, Andrea; Lohse, Detlef; van der Meer, Devaraj (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 9/28/2012)
      By focusing a laser pulse inside a capillary partially filled with liquid, a vapour bubble is created which emits a pressure wave. This pressure wave travels through the liquid and creates a fast, focused axisymmetric ...
    • Histamine reduces GPIb?-mediated adhesion of platelets to TNF-?-activatedvascular endothelium 

      Brown, Theodore P.; Forouzan, Omid; Shevkoplyas, Sergey S.; Khismatullin, Damir B. (Thrombosis Research, 2013)
      Histamine and tumor necrosis factor-? (TNF-?) are critical mediators of acute and chronic inflammation that are generated by mast cells and macrophages in atherosclerotic lesions or systemically during allergic attacks. ...
    • History effects on the gas exchange between a bubble and a liquid 

      Chu, Shigan; Prosperetti, Andrea (Physical Review Fluids, 10/17/2016)
      Diffusive processes exhibit a strong dependence on history effects. For a gas bubble at rest in a liquid, such effects arise when the concentration of dissolved gas at the bubble surface, dictated by Henry's law, depends ...
    • History force on coated microbubbles propelled by ultrasound 

      Garbin, Valeria; Dollet, Banjamin; Overvelde, Marlies; Cojoc, Dan; Di Fabrizio, Dan; van Wijngaarden, L.; Prosperetti, Andrea; de Jong, Nico; Lohse, Detlef; Versluis, Michel (The Physics of Fluids, 9/21/2009)
      In this paper the unsteady translation of coated microbubbles propelled by acoustic radiation force is studied experimentally. A system of two pulsating microbubbles of the type used as contrast agent in ultrasound medical ...
    • History of the ribosome and the origin of translation 

      Petrov, Anton S.; Gulen, Burak; Norris, Ashlyn M.; Kovacs, Nicholas A.; Bernier, Chad R.; Lanier, Kathryn A.; Fox, George E.; Harvey, Stephen C.; Wartell, Roger M.; Hud, Nicholas V.; Williams, Loren Dean (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 12/1/2015)
      We present a molecular-level model for the origin and evolution of the translation system, using a 3D comparative method. In this model, the ribosome evolved by accretion, recursively adding expansion segments, iteratively ...
    • Hitting the Road towards a Greater Digital Destination: Evaluating and Testing DAMS at the University of Houston Libraries 

      Thompson, Santi; Vacek, Rachel; Watkins, Sean; Wu, Annie; Weidner, Andrew; Prilop, Valerie (2015-04-27)
      Since 2009, the University of Houston (UH) Libraries has digitized tens of thousands of rare and unique items and made them available for research through its UH Digital Library (UHDL) based on CONTENTdm. Six years later, ...
    • Hitting the Road towards a Greater Digital Destination: Evaluating and Testing DAMS at the University of Houston Libraries 

      Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi; Vacek, Rachel; Watkins, Sean; Weidner, Andrew (Information Technology and Libraries, 2016)
      Since 2009, tens of thousands of rare and unique items have been made available online for research through the University of Houston Digital Library. Six years later, the Libraries' new digital initiatives call for a ...
    • Hitting the Road Towards a Greater Digital Destination: Strategic Planning and Evaluation of DAMS at the UH Libraries 

      Wu, Annie; Weidner, Andrew (2015-10)
      In the Summer of 2014, the University of Houston Libraries formed the DAMS Task Force to identify a system that can support the growing expectations of the UH Digital Library. This presentation will focus on the two core ...
    • Hoang Vu Pham - Bachelor of Music - Junior Recital 

      Pham, Hoang Vu
      Fantasia No.6 in E minor, TW 40:19 : Grave; Presto; Siciliana; Allegro / Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)--INTERMISSION--Sonata in A Major, KV 305 (293d) : Allegro di molto; Theme. Andante grazioso-Variations I-V-Variation ...
    • Holly Knoch - Bachelor of Music - Senior Recital 

      Knoch, Holly
      Malagueña (Spanish Dance), Op. 21 / Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908) -- Theme From "Schindler’s List" / John Williams (b. 1932) -- Sonata No. 5 in F major, Op. 24, "Spring" / Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
    • Home 

      Webb, Ann E. (University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, 2017)
      Ann Webb's personal experience going through Hurrican Harvey.
    • Home Health Transitional Care Interventions (TCI) to Reduce Rehospitalization in Geriatric Patients with Heart Failure 

      Munuve'-Akinnola, Rose (2019-04-12)
      This evidence-based project evaluates the evidence that high-intensity transitional care interventions at home are effective at preventing re-hospitalization, reducing mortality and improving quality of life in geriatric ...
    • Homogeneous nucleation: Patching the way from the macroscopic to the nanoscopic description 

      Lohse, Detlef; Prosperetti, Andrea (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 11/21/2016)
    • Horizontal Saccade Disconjugacy in Strabismic Monkeys 

      Fu, LaiNgor; Tusa, Ronald J.; Mustari, Michael J.; Das, Vallabh E. (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 7/1/2007)
      Purpose: Previous studies have shown that binocular coordination during saccadic eye movement is affected in humans with large strabismus. The purpose of this study was to examine the conjugacy of saccadic eye movements ...
    • Hotel Revolution: How Technology Fuels the 'Sharing Economy,' Challenges the Hotel Industry and Transforms Space 

      Treybig, Victoria (2017)
      The Sharing Economy is a disruptive force in many industries, particularly travel, consumer goods, transportation, finance, and employment. A driver in this transformative system is the home-sharing online platform, Airbnb. ...
    • Houston Flood Urbanism 

      Ha, Long (2019-08)
      "The whole context is different there. It's a different kind of delta, with a different soil and a different climate, and it is also very different from the Netherlands socially, societally and politically. All the same, ...
    • How African politics affects the Acquisition of African Art 

      Rao, Pranav (2018)
      The goal of this research is to study how the different political systems in Africa affect the National Museum of African Art’s ability to acquire art. This research gives some insight as to how the museum operates and ...
    • How are Precipitation Dynamics Changing in the Houston Area Under a Warming Climate? 

      Spike, Alexander (2018)
      Hurricane Harvey was devastating to the Upper Texas Coast. The storm flooded a third of Houston, caused 125 billion dollars of damages, and affected 13 million people. What made Harvey so devastating was the amount of ...